One of my best basketball buddies says to me this morning, “Kobe looked good last night.”  My response was simply, “He knew what time it was.”

The best closer in the game stepped it up to finish the Western Conference Finals against a game Denver Nuggets team.  A night after LeBron willed the Cavaliers to stay alive, Kobe put Carmelo Anthony and Denver to rest.  Kobe has that Jordan-esque quality of hammering the nail when the job needs to be done.   Like blood in the water, Kobe will hit the jumper, silence the crowd with a ferocious dunk, even block a shot or two.

No, Kobe is not Michael Jordan for various reasons.  2 of the most glaring are that Mike would routinely guard the best offensive player on the other team and Kobe has lost 2 NBA Finals (1 with Shaq), not Jumpman23 at all.

But currently, the NBA is fantastic and Kobe is definitely carrying the flag.  I think he will win his 4th tittle, but more importantly, his 1st title as “the guy”


3 Responses to Assassin

  1. johnblackk says:

    Kobe really knows how to close em out! I love it.

  2. Shawn Montague says:

    Kobe is a killer! The jump shots he hits with a hand in his face (Shane Battier)…please! Straight up ridiculous! He is the best player in the world. He has a great mix of getting everyone involved and also kicking ass when he needs to do it himself. Kobe is a sick defender, but he has a post up game…does LeBron? Have you seen the clips of Kobe during games and timeouts…he is another coach on the staff. The other day he busted out a dry erase board during a timeout!

  3. jay says:

    #$@##% Killer Kobe. He is on the LAKERS. We will see if the greatest player in the world can win a title.

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