Kentucky Basketball


John Wall is going to Kentucky.  The dynamic Point Guard who stormed onto the recruiting scene in the past few months is a monumental grab for John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats.  Wall is perfect for the Dribble-Drive offense or as Calipari calls it, “Princeton on Steroids”.  Along side DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, and maybe Jodi Meeks, the Wildcats will be the team to beat in the SEC and in the Top-15 of the country. 

Its’ never been a question of if Calipari would bring back Kentucky to the promised land, but it is surprising how quick this happened.  Coach Calipari has longed to be at the head table in the College Coaching ranks, but at Memphis he couldn’t even get into the room to be with the Kansas’, North Carolina’s, and Duke’s.  Now, not only is he at the table, he has the head chair.

Wall’s signing with Kentucky signifies more then a good Wildcat team in 2009-2010, it also is sending shock waves throughout the College Basketball world that the dormant giant is finally awake, and not too happy.  Separated by the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina and Kentucky have always had a healthy rivalry based on tradition and success.  For a while it was easy for Roy Williams to fly into whatever high school gym had the talent with his Tar Heels gear on and walk away knowing he could get whomever he wants. 

Now the slicked back hair of Coach Cal and the embroidered blazers with UK on them will follow North Carolina to Mt. Zion Academy to Word of God School and so on, making the recruiting process and college basketball world a nuclear arms race once again.  But now with the superpowers back where they should be.


3 Responses to Kentucky Basketball

  1. jjkvt says:

    I must say that I love Coach Cal at UK and with perhaps one program exception, if I was a collegiate stud I would lace them up for the Wildcats. However, I am not so sure he automatically assumes the head chair until he conquers the mountain. There is no question he can recruit and his teams compete at the highest level, but the real question is can he finish. Lets not anoint the Cats National Champions just yet or JC coach of the year…. It may be just a matter of time and it does make college ball that much more interesting, but only time will tell if he can do what is required at the University of Kentucky. Nothing short of a title will be accepted… how long might it take?

  2. nohypesports says:

    The Head Chair is the Kentucky chair and your right, he HAS to win a title. Billy Gillepsie had the head chair and look what happened. Coach Cal is perfect for the pressure of one of the most prestigious basketball jobs in any league, anywhere. Calipari fits the Pitino mode, huge ego, tough, cocky, and will produce results. But you said it SpartO, Coach Cal must win a championship.

  3. Shawn Montague says:

    Top 5 in the country! He got stud athletes at Memphis and now he will get them at Kentucky. With a chance to compete in the SEC recruits will be drooling to go to the Bluegrass with the style of play they employ. Cal was already good at UMass and Memphis. Now, in a power conference he will truly show what he is made of and he’ll have the players to back it up. Kentucky is extremely relevant again and it will be fun to watch. Can’t wait for November!

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