Dez Bryant

October 14, 2009

Baylor Oklahoma St

The NCAA has suspended Oklahoma St. star wide receiver Dez Bryant for the rest of the season after it was discovered that he lied to the NCAA concerning his visit to Deion Sanders’ house.  Fearing that he broke the NCAA rules, Bryant lied to the NCAA officials that he didn’t work out with Sanders or have a meal at Sanders’ home.

First off, bad move by Dez Bryant.  Lying is never good, never acceptable.  But my questions is, why was he being questioned about this in the first place?  The NCAA now monitors and questions positive male role models in their athletes lives?  Student-athletes cannot eat home-cooked meals?

I have a question, did the NCAA check on Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy’s Christian Mission?  Did they find out if someone paid for one of their meals?  Who payed for a plane ride to Phillipines that costs $1100?  I am not accusing or implying that there is foul play involved in Tebow or McCoy’s trip, but seems like a trip to the Far East would raise more red flags then a jog around a track and chicken alfredo around the dining room table.

I think the appropriate punishment should be 1 game.  You can’t lie.  The whole season?  The Head Coach, the leader of the New Mexico Football Team physically attacked one of his assistants, a felony in New Mexico.  His consequence?  He is suspended for 1 game.

The unbalance continues


The Rowdiest of the Rowdy

January 7, 2009


The Ed Reed performance on Sunday was awesome.  He is so gifted athletically, when he gets the rock, there is a real chance that the man will go to the house.  The second pick of Chad Pennington was equally as impressive as the one he scored for 6.  He saw the play 2 steps ahead of the game and knew the play better then some of the Dolphins.  Amazing.  But what else would you expect from someone who went to the U?  

Ed Reed aside, the safeties of the NFL and the NFL Playoffs are the best, most dangerous, and most athletic in the League.  Add in Brian Dawkins of the Eagles, Troy Polamalu of the Steelers, Michael Griffin of the Titans, and Antrel Rolle of the Cardinals are the best of the best and really control the fates of their teams in the Super Bowl pursuit.  

Historically the Middle Linebacker has been the key in the ignition of the Defense, but as Offenses have modernized to include more passing, the safety has come to the forefront.  He calls the secondary match-ups and comes into the box to stop the run.  He pretty much is a human joystick of the Defense

College Football

Utah is totally the best non-BCS team ever.  They should have a shot for the National Championship.  This was not Boise St. beating Oklahoma with a Hook and Ladder, followed by a Statue of Liberty.  This was line-up, cloud of dust, lets see who is better.  Utah is legit.  PLEASE, PLEASE let’s get the Playoffs.

Random Thoughts

December 8, 2008

Showdown in Miami. Despite the obvious need for a College Football Playoff, Oklahoma vs. Florida is going to be awesome. High-Octane Offenses and superstars everywhere. I hope that the scoreboard operator in South Florida stretches before the game.

NFL..Patriots absolutely stole their game in Seattle. The Pats were outplayed the entire game, but made the plays when they needed to and the stops when absolutely necessary. This was vintage Patriots though, once you count them out, boom! Victory is theirs. They are like a used car, beat up parts, but gets you to work.

NBA…another victory for the Celtics, yawn. Big Baby crying was pretty funny. But if you don’t like the heat, go play in New Jersey or somewhere. Lakers are dope, Kobe is the best player. Can’t wait for Celtics – Lakers.

Best Non-BCS Bowl – Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech

Championship Saturday Predictions

December 6, 2008

ACC:  Virginia Tech 27, Boston College 16

SEC:  Florida 35, Alabama 28

BIG XII: Oklahoma 59, Missouri 30

Texas sits home and watches;

College Football Coaching Carousel

December 5, 2008

It looks like the coaching changes circus in College Football have begun.  Steve Sarkisian has been awarded the Washington Huskies job, after front-runner Mike Leach of Texas Tech withdrew his name.  Sarkisian becomes the 2nd disciple of Pete Carroll to score a BCS-conference job this year.  Lane Kiffin has taken the job at Tennessee replacing Phillip Fullmer.  Sounds like if you want a big time program, go run the offense for Carroll in Southern California.

It seems like every year better and better coaches are forced out of their job due to enormous and sometimes ridiculous pressure.  Tommy Tubberville is out at Auburn and Fullmer at Tennessee.  Both of these coaches are legends and really had only one bad year.  Look at Fullmer, just last year he was in the SEC Championship, has a Top-5 program regarding players in the NFL since 2000 (research I did, if you want it send me an email), and has won a National Championship.  Tubberville was 13-0 a few years ago and is always in the running for the SEC and National Title.

But this is the United States of America, what have you done for me lately?  Have a bad season? See ya!  I think the only way to maintain a premier College Football job is to win 9 or 10 games every year and you may be safe.  How hard is that?  Recruiting is a house of cards (Great Book called Meat Market about College Recruiting, check it!)  and an injury can ruin your season.

But, College coaching is for the ego-driven individual, so with ego comes responsibility and expectations.  So like Lane Kiffin’s old boss says, “Just Win Baby”

Best Soccer Dive;