The Player

April 5, 2009

No Hype Sports welcomes Guest Columnist — Magoo!

Bears Cutler Football

So after over a month of constant turmoil as a Denver Broncos fan, the franchise has finally traded their disgruntled quarterback.  It is just in time too, because if I had to read another article on the Denver Post or the Mile High Report which included the term McJayGate I may have lost it. 

Josh McDaniels, the new 32 year old coach in Broncos Country, is partially responsible for this mess.  He could have easily explained the situation like so:

“Jay, you remember your former QB coach Jeremy Bates whom you were so close with?  Well let’s say that he gets his first head coaching job in the NFL.  He has a lot of pressure on him because of the city he is in and the legend that he is following.  Jeremy is approached with the opportunity to trade for you, the player that he helped to draft and groom as a quarterback.  Do you think that he wouldn’t love to begin his coaching career continuing the relationship he formed as an assistant with his guy?  This is the opportunity that I was given, and I have decided that I would rather move forward with you as our quarterback.”

Pretty simple.  When explained in such a manner it is hard to argue with the thought process.  Of course the young and naïve coach didn’t explain it this way; instead he lied and attempted to save face.

The player (#6) is truly a remarkable talent.  Unfortunately for him, there is more to this game and especially this position than talent.  It is arguable that he has the best arm in the entire NFL.  However, he has also proven to be immature both on and off the field.  His reaction to the Broncos attempt to trade for Matt Cassell was an absolute embarrassment.

Bears Get:

The Player

2009 5th Round Draft Pick

Broncos Get:

Kyle Orton

2009 1st Round Draft Pick

2010 1st Round Draft Pick

2009 3rd Round Draft Pick

Surprisingly enough, I am thrilled with this trade.  It has been clear for sometime that he was not returning as the QB of the Denver Broncos.  I think the front office did a remarkable job getting what they did for a Type A diabetic, immature and disgruntled QB. Now hopefully they follow this performance with an excellent draft in 2009, if they do, this pathetic soap opera will soon be forgotten.  Who wants a QB with a double chin anyway?  


Back on Top

March 17, 2009


If the New England Patriots get Julius Peppers from the Carolina Panthers they are immediately the NFL favorites.  It is rumored that the Patriots are going to trade the 34th pick in the draft for the services of Peppers.  The athletic Peppers, who also played on the North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball Team has said he would like to play in a 3-4 defense where he can be an outside linebacker and rush the quarterback too.  

Peppers is a great fit for that position, a certain upgrade from Mike Vrabel.  New England has always valued that position and it was what hurt them last year.  You cannot run the ball up the middle against New England and throwing the deep ball, for all teams, is hit or miss.  You make some, you miss some.  Where the Patriots were weak last year was the mid-range passing game and the swing outs.  Mike Vrabel was a step to old and visions of Leon Washington or Ronnie Brown catching a swing pass or running a “Wildcat” sweep bring up memories of bad losses.

When New England has a stud on the outside, they are unstoppable.  When it was Roosevelt Colvin and Addalius Thomas, the Patriots were in the AFC Championship Game, followed by an undefeated season.  When Mike Vrabel was in his prime, the Pats were back-to-back Super Bowl winners.  Add Julius Peppers to an already upgraded defense and oh my, that offense.  Super Bowl?  I think its a strong possibility.

Plus, Peppers will be a better pass catcher on the goal line with those basketball hands.

Adrian Wilson

March 5, 2009

one step, two step, off two feet……elevation!  66 inches!


Unbelievable athleticisim.  This guy is the safety of the Arizona Cardinals.  This is the scary part of professional sports these days, this is a jump, but can you imagine Wilson at full speed hitting you when your back is turned?  No wonder it seems like every other play, someone is helped off the football field!!

Say WhaT?

March 2, 2009


Matt Cassell and Mike Vrabel to the Chiefs for 1 second round pick?  Say what?!  Has Bill Belichick gone soft?, was this a done deal weeks ago when Golden-Boy Scott Pioli was still a member of the New England Patriots staff?, or what was going on?  

I do not think that Belichick has gone soft, nor do I think this was a back room deal.  With all eyes on the New England Patriots since Spygate, there is no way that these guys would try to fleece the league again.  Nor do I think Belichick would ever help another NFL Team get better.  Heck, he may of even put like a ticking time bomb in Cassell’s travel bag.  The man wants to win, he certainly doesn’t want all the credit for those Super Bowl Championships to go to Scott Pioli.

I think that the Kansas City Chiefs and the other teams in the NFL had a vice on the Patriots in this regard.  The league-wide consensus had to be, listen the Patriots can’t afford to have all that money tied up in 2 players, let alone a back-up.  So the advantage to the buyer.  

As for Vrabel, odds are the Patriots threw Mike a bone and got him to a team that he can contribute.  Reports out of Foxborough are that it was up in the air if Mike would even make the team.  Saved a little face and it will be all smiles when Vrabel comes back to be honored after he retires. 

As for the hate, see Jay Mariotti, what else is new?  Hate the best, cheer the underdog.  Heck, Mariotti got a job.

NFL Stars Gettin’ PAID!

February 27, 2009

In honor of the 1st day of NFL Free Agency, I chose the above song to represent what a handful of people are experiencing right now.  Good for those guys

Albert Haynesworth signed a 100-Million Dollar deal, which is majorly frontloaded.  Something like 34 million guaranteed quickly.  Like a friend of mine said, “his agent knows what he is doing”

Anyway, lots of people are getting their payday.  Make it Rain!


February 6, 2009


Really what is going on in the NFL is one of the great duals, which part of the allure of sports was born on.  One of the things that I love about sports is the nostalgia of the game or the traditions.  I always love hearing about is league-wide, real professional rivalries.  Bird – Magic, Russell – Chamberlin, etc. 

In football right now, there is an amazing dual that will be well written in the future.

First, you have Tom Brady.  3 Super Bowls, 2 Super Bowl MVP’s, an MVP, Most Pass TD’s in a season, 16-0 Regular Season, Plays in New England, hated on, super model girlfriend, high fashion model.

Am I painting you a picture?

Next, Peyton Manning.  Son of an NFL player, 1st pick in the Draft, 1 Super Bowl, 2 MVP’s, feared by defenses.  Does corny, yet pretty funny commercials.  Aw Shucks kind of guy.  Lots of people love him.  Great Rivalry to Brady in Championship Games, with little success. 

Third, Ben Roethlisberger. A big guy that was drafted to the most successful franchise in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  From the Southeast Ohio/Pittsburgh area.  Rides and crashes motorcycles, loves the troops.  Hands the ball off, blue-collar town.  2 Super Bowls, consummate team player.

Finally, Eli Manning.  1 Super Bowl, 1 Super Bowl MVP.  Younger brother of Peyton and so son of an NFLer as well.  Plays in New York City, handles tons of criticism, upset of the Patriots, can’t beat his brother.

This is just a great time for this kind of defining players/rivalries of a generation of football.  Since 2000, these 4 quarterbacks have led their teams’ to Super Bowl Championships 7 times.  Unbelievable!

Instead of always comparing, lets just enjoy the action!

The Rowdiest of the Rowdy

January 7, 2009


The Ed Reed performance on Sunday was awesome.  He is so gifted athletically, when he gets the rock, there is a real chance that the man will go to the house.  The second pick of Chad Pennington was equally as impressive as the one he scored for 6.  He saw the play 2 steps ahead of the game and knew the play better then some of the Dolphins.  Amazing.  But what else would you expect from someone who went to the U?  

Ed Reed aside, the safeties of the NFL and the NFL Playoffs are the best, most dangerous, and most athletic in the League.  Add in Brian Dawkins of the Eagles, Troy Polamalu of the Steelers, Michael Griffin of the Titans, and Antrel Rolle of the Cardinals are the best of the best and really control the fates of their teams in the Super Bowl pursuit.  

Historically the Middle Linebacker has been the key in the ignition of the Defense, but as Offenses have modernized to include more passing, the safety has come to the forefront.  He calls the secondary match-ups and comes into the box to stop the run.  He pretty much is a human joystick of the Defense

College Football

Utah is totally the best non-BCS team ever.  They should have a shot for the National Championship.  This was not Boise St. beating Oklahoma with a Hook and Ladder, followed by a Statue of Liberty.  This was line-up, cloud of dust, lets see who is better.  Utah is legit.  PLEASE, PLEASE let’s get the Playoffs.