NFL Stars Gettin’ PAID!

February 27, 2009

In honor of the 1st day of NFL Free Agency, I chose the above song to represent what a handful of people are experiencing right now.  Good for those guys

Albert Haynesworth signed a 100-Million Dollar deal, which is majorly frontloaded.  Something like 34 million guaranteed quickly.  Like a friend of mine said, “his agent knows what he is doing”

Anyway, lots of people are getting their payday.  Make it Rain!


No worries, I am back!

February 26, 2009

I went to the Pittsburgh vs. Providence game on Tuesday night.  It was great!  The Number 1 team in the country comes to town to take on the Friars in a must-win game for Providence as they are a clear bubble team.

The entire experience of the game was awesome.  I parked in the Providence Place Mall, you can walk from the mall to the Westin Hotel, through the Convention Center, all the way to the Dunkin Donuts Center without going outside.  The best part of the walk is the skybridge over the downtown of the city.  And critics say Buddy Cianci didn’t do anything for Providence.  Nonesense!

I checked into Will Call and got my ticket, still early I popped outside to scope out the scene.  Around the arena is Downtown Providence and it was hopping.  Great little pubs here and there, I went into a few and there were people everywhere sporting their PC gear, what a great atmosphere.  On a side note, UVM should build their new gym where Memorial Auditorium was, because a downtown arena with the restaurants and bars really take the game experience to the next level.

Anyway, the game was outstanding.  A beautiful Senior Night ceremony and then Providence playing out of its’ mind.  They were just the better team that night.  The building was rocking and rolling, by far the most delirious atmosphere of a basketball game I have ever been in.  PC withheld a Pitt rally and then the students stormed the court with purpose!  

I will definately be back to Providence next year for a game, you should come to!

Oklahoma City Thunder Mascot

February 19, 2009

Absolutely Awful:


The True Definition of Swagger

February 17, 2009


Wolves have swagger.  A wolf never sways away from the pack or team.  But there is always something about the one wolf.  One always stands out, you cant put your finger on why they stand out.  Something just draws you in.  They are the ones who take the big shot, the one who steps up and makes plays when no one else is looking.  The ones that do it for the pureness of competition and sport.   Its the alpha wolf getting the moose down, then allowing the rest of the pack to enjoy the spoils.

So who has swagger?  Does Chad Johnson have swagger?  No, Chad Johnson has a persona, a character.  You can’t count on Chad to make a big play, lay a huge block and get ready for the next play.  When Chad makes a play, it is as if Chad Johnson parted the Red Sea, cured Cancer, and won the Nobel Peace Prize all in 1 play.  A celebration of individuality is not swagger.

Tim Duncan has swagger. Tom Brady has swagger.  LeBron James has swagger.  Kobe Bryant has swagger. 

Now I am not naïve enough to list athletes who have swagger and say they don’t have celebrations or an entertainment factor in the game.  Times have changed, that part is a given.  Its about the players who consistently make everyone around them better, can be counted as having swagger.

Brett Farve has swagger.  Peyton Manning has swagger.  Dwayne Wade has swagger.  Blake Griffin has swagger.

Swagger is going in for the kill.  It is the athletes who see a tie game, a running down clock, a team on the ropes and lick their lips. 

Muhammed Ali has swagger.  Ray Lewis has swagger.  Michael Jordan has swagger.  Larry Bird has swagger.

Swagger is not putting yourself before the concept of the game or the team.  Being the highest paid, flashiest dressed, the most google hits on a search is not swagger.  Swagger is not someone you can count on to win, to be a champion.

Shaquille O’Neal – The Greatest Sports Entertainer Ever

February 16, 2009


USA – Mexico; Well Done!

February 14, 2009

Great game Wednesdayt night in blustery Columbus, Ohio.  One of the best rivalries in International Soccer, USA vs. Mexico.  The Mexicans have been recently passed by the Americans in the quality of play.  They are winless in the United States since 2001.  Of course, the American press doesn’t tell the other side of the story, the fact that the Americans have never won in Mexico City.  But stats aside, this is a great rivalry which is hotly contested no matter the match-up.

2 goals from Michael Bradley (the coaches’ son) propelled the US to another 2-0 win.  The game was marred by Mexico losing its’ best offensive player to an injury (Castillo) and Rafa Marquez’s reckless challenge that led to a well-deserved red card. 

While I am impressed by the streak, one thing still troubles me about the US.  They get all their goals off set-pieces or corner kicks.  While they can win a home game against their rivals, I dont see how they can compete with the big boys in South Africa 2010.  It was disappointing to not see Jozy Altidore play the majority of the match, rather watch him hold the ball to salt away the game. 

Nevertheless, the United States is in first place in CONCACAF, already have beaten their rivals.  All things point to South African qualification.  But, we must get better!

Footage from Mexican TV from altercation in tunnel after the game.

Madison Square Garden!

February 9, 2009


So I made my first visit to the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden in New York City.  It was wonderful.  As a basketball junkie, I am a little disappointed in myself it took 26 years to get to MSG, but I have made the rounds to gym after gym, so the wait made it all the more special.

We walked to the game from our hotel in the brisk winter air, I loved it.  The air really invigorated me and built my excitement for the game.  Just so many people everywhere and, oh my, the lights.  New York is definitely the city that never sleeps.  Bright lights and as you enter the plaza where MSG is, there is a certain energy that takes over.

Into the arena, just escalator after escalator took us to what seemed like the top of New York and boom!  Always the best part of going to a game, the first vision of the playing surface.  I took a moment to soak in the history, MJ dominating, Willis Reed out of the tunnel, the Big East tournament.  All of these great moments unfolded right in front of me.

Looking out over the court, seeing Spike Lee made me realize one thing, LeBron James will be in a New York Knicks uniform in the year 2010.  James’ desire to be a world-wide superstar cannot be achieved unless he takes over Times Square and Manhattan.  I can just see and feel the hype.

The Celtics, by the way, won a great game.