Xtreme Golfing

April 2, 2009

New Course, the 19th hole, designed by a handful of pros.  30 seconds for the ball to land!!  Heli ride to tee off!  South Africa!


Why Bill Parcells is the Best Football Man Ever

December 14, 2008


The Miami Dolphins control their own destiny to win the AFC East this year.  Can you believe it?  After a 1-15 record last year, it is almost unimaginable that the Fins could host a playoff game.  But, if you look at it closer, they just hired Bill Parcells to oversee their operation and in what is proven to be a fact, the turnaround began.  Parcells was a great head coach with the NY Giants, turning them into perennail powers.  Then onto New England, a relatively dormant team, he had them playing in the Super Bowl and if it weren’t for bad kickoff coverage, would of won that game.  NY Jets didn’t have the success, but to the playoffs from a 1-15 team the year before is impressive no matter what. Hmmm, sound familiar?  

Then onto the Freak Show in Dallas, he took a team that was treading in the water of previous greatness and righted the ship.  He assembled a tremendous team, 13 pro-bowlers last year.  But here is why he seperates himself from the other greats.  He knew that all that talent, all that ego (including the owner) had to be managed.  He referred to TO as “the player”, had rookie Terrance Newman not wear the star on his helmet in training camp and bring him a cup of water on occasion, always followed with a dap.  Parcells knew to harness the talent, he had to establish dominance and he did.

Unfourtunately the man who writes the checks, Jerry Jones, must of woke up in his huge Texas ranch one night and realized he could do whatever he wants and let the man go.  Sure, after Parcells leaves TO is up their in his fur coat saying, “he didnt’ let us play”, Tony Romo has a celebrity girlfriend and is photgraphed everywhere, failing to listen to Parcells about how to conduct his business a la Tom Brady.  There is in-fighting, an owner calling out their best player and so on and so on.  

So all these new aged players hooting and hollering about we need a, “players coach” …. you are wrong.  You need leadership, a steady hand to guide the ship.  You need Bill Parcells.

Congrats to Sam Bradford on the Heisman.  He reminds me of Tom Brady, but stay at Big Bad OU one more year kid.