NHL Playoffs

April 13, 2009


I am excited for the real season of the NHL that begins on Wednesday.  The Playoffs.  Hockey is a great sport and the Playoffs are where you really see teams dig in and where hot goaltending can lead a team to the promised land or to an early exit.  This year will be a different watching experience, I am not sure how much the playoffs will be on TV because of Americans’ lukewarm reception to this great sport.  

Up in Vermont, with the 3 Canadian Channels, fans are treated with a doubleheader each night.  Not only is there hockey on television, you have intelligent commentary, previews, and of course Don Cherry.  Not only does CBC provide us with great coverage, the style in which the game is called is far superior.  Great announcers that know the game, do not over analyze, call the action almost with a radio feel.  Also, the way the microphones are jacked up so the fans, the ice, and the boards are all illuminated makes the game experience awesome.  Something I will miss tremendously.  

Luckily I will get to watch my Montreal Canadiens, as they are matched with their rival the Boston Bruins.  Albeit a second class station, NESN will broadcast all these games.

Here is the order in which I will root for teams in the NHL Playoffs:

1. Montreal – Not to far from home, love the tradition, Go Habs Go!

2. Calgary – Love the people from Western Canada, GREAT FANS

3. Vancouver – Beautiful City, when in doubt, root Canada

4. Boston –

5. Chicago –            ALL ORIGINAL 6 TEAMS – love that tradition.

6. Detroit –

7. New York –

8. Pittsburgh- Sidney Crosby

9. Washington – Alexander Ovechkin

10. New Jersey – Martin Brodeur, solid fan base for United States

11. Philadelphia – Hockey matters in PHI

12. St. Louis – Hockey matters in the STL

13. San Jose – 

14. Carolina –             IF between games you are sunbathing or your fans cannot have a homemade rink in their                                                  backyard, YOU CANT  WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!                                     

15. Anaheim –


16. Columbus –  Columbus has a team and Winnipeg/Quebec City doesn’t?


NHL Winter Classic

January 1, 2009


I am watching College Football on New Years Day, something I always look forward to.  A little tired from the previous nights activities, meets Football all day long including the Rose Bowl, nothing is better.  BUT, for the second straight year I am drawn out of Football to watch the NHL Winter Classic.  This year it takes place at Wrigley Field between Chicago and Detroit, a great rivalry between 2 original 6 teams.  The ice at Wrigley, outside, its so awesome.

Next year, I vote for Montreal vs. Boston outdoors in Montreal at either the Alouettes Stadium (McGill) or the new Montreal Impact Soccer stadium which is in the Olympic Park section of town.

Edmonton Oilers

December 17, 2008

I definately would like to get up to Alberta to see an Edmonton Oilers game.  Great stuff!