Derrick Rose – who’s fault?


If you want to be a dancer, go be a dancer.

If you want to throw a curveball, go ride a bus in the Minor League Circuit for a few years.

If you want to save the world because you have the cure for a disease, go do it.

If you want to play basketball, gotta wait.

I have posted many, many thoughts about the age requirement the NBA has imposed to require its’ young players to have had at least 1 year out of High School.  No more Kobe Bryant on one end, no more Kwame Brown on the other.  However, now Univerisities (traditional exploiters) are faced with the fact they have to “re-amateurize” athletes who have been on a professional track since they were 14 years old.

The University of Memphis and, indirectly, The University of Kentucky, are affected that Derrick Rose’s high school smudged his transcript and someone other then Rose took his SAT’s.  In all likelihood, Memphis will have to vacate its’ 38-2 record, Final Four, and National Runner-Up from DRose’s 1 season at Memphis.  As if it never happened.


 First of all, Rose is an exemplary human being.  He is a symbol of hard work, dedication, and being a team player.  His teammates rave about his leadership and how humble he is.  He does a lot of good in the Southside of Chicago Community, at age 20 Rose has given back to the community more then your average 45-year old suburban father who has his degree from the local University.  

So who’s fault is this?  To give back to his community, to set the example of hard work to athletes, Rose had to wait.  Rose had to watch as Coach Cal profited, the boosters profited, and the University profited from him.  Now, Rose will be tarnished as someone who, “ruined a program”, a “greedy kid”.  Allegations that will haunt his pre-NBA life.


It’s just a shame.  There should be no age-limit.  I agree with most proponents of the age requirement, that some if not many athletes will fail in the NBA right out of High School.  But does 1 year at College really make that much of a difference?  It certainly does not, it is setting up young men to fail.


8 Responses to Derrick Rose – who’s fault?

  1. jay says:

    So, skip the bball year at play college. Every players’ legs only have so many trips up and down the court,take your game to Europe son! Sign the contract, pack up your stuff and your mom and learn to play with men. Increase your value, your strength, your skills and then come home to the big dollars.

  2. Harold Oigfh says:

    derrick rose is a baller

    • nohypesports says:

      Absolutely! Check the 1st post of my website. Its about how DRose is the up and coming talent of the NBA

  3. Shawn Montague says:

    No doubt D Rose is a straight up baller, but the finger of blame should be pointed at the NBA. This is entirely their fault for enforcing the ridiculous age limit. Tennis and golfers turn pro in their teens. No other profession requires an age limit if you clearly have the skills and aptitude to do the job competently. Sonny Vaccarro and Brandon Jennings might have the idea down. Go to Europe! Jennings will go in the first round of the draft this year, maybe even the lottery. There is no doubt that his experiences in Eurpoe will clearly have helped.

  4. abritishman says:

    If the kids want to they can go to Europe , the Far East or even South America and ply their trade and make a decent living.

    No real fuss ! Hell if the idiots now within Congress want to get involved in this as well. It tells you how unimportant this all really is . It’s not as if an education is the most important thing to begin with for any of these kids. Much less the coaches , the NCAA or NBA itself. It’s all about the money and not much else to begin with. Anyone who believes different must have their heads buried in the sand.

    abritishman aka tophatal ……..

  5. abritishman says:

    See my pieces for which I’ve provided a link to below. I’ll look forward to reading your comments. In order to view just click on the texts below.

    Congress Stay Out Of The Business Of The NBA ….

    Who’s Minding The Store ? Absolutely No One And The NCAA And NBA Don’t Really Care Or Gives A Damn For That Matter ….

    This Was The House That Shaq Built, Or Did He …?

    abritishman aka tophatal …………

  6. Steeeeeeve says:

    What’s your opinion on Jonny Flynn?

  7. jay says:

    so where has nohype been?

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