College Basketball BEGINS!

The 2009-1010 College Basketball season has kicked off across the country with some of the top programs participating in the spectacle of Midnight Madness.  Saturday, October 17th is the first day College teams can have official practices, so to build hype and sell some merchandise, most schools begin their practice at Midnight in front of packed houses.  Fans are treated to dunk contests, scrimmages, and lazer light shows.


Most coaches enter the building in lavish style.  Tom Izzo came in an Indy RaceCar to remind the Spartan faithful that he hopes to be in Indianapolis for the Final Four in April.  Roy Williams and his Tar Heel Boys had a comedy night.  Duke played a Blue vs. White scrimmage where the coaches were former Blue Devil greats Bobby Hurley and Christian Laettner.

Much, much hype.  So away from all that is the impending start of the College Basketball season.  The best sports season of them all!  Personally I am excited to see if Kentucky can climb back into contention.  Or how good Michigan St. will be.  Can North Carolina compete?  Will Duke finally get into the Final 4 again.  So much intrigue.

My Top 5;

1. Kansas

2. Michigan St.

3. Connecticut

4. North Carolina

5. Purdue

What is your Top 5?


3 Responses to College Basketball BEGINS!

  1. Dan Petrocelli says:

    The most glorious season is upon C.B.!!! I believe Kentucky will climb the ranks quickly, returning to the glory days of Rex Chapman, Jamal Mashburn, Mel Turpin(sp ?), Sam Bowie, Kenny “Sky” Walker, and the endless list of UK legends of the past. Coach Cal is gonna run a clean program, and Cals-Cats will restore respect to the UK program! Watch out for the Wildcats of Kentucky, cause their in it to win it!!!!!

    ~D. Petro

  2. Justin says:

    Michigan State

    I have to agree with Petro Kentucky could be nasty but this would be my pre season 5

  3. jjkvt says:

    Michigan State
    West Virginia (trying to mix it up)

    I can’t wait for the season to get going. We play the Zags (11/17), Florida 11/27), UNC (12/01) and Texas (12/22)… bring the ball.

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